Over 25 Years of Experience


Aqua Marindo is an Indonesian freshwater and marine live stock exporting company which was established in 1983. At first, we started from breeding and selling Goldfish and in 1990 we started to export fishes to other countries. In 1992, we expanded our company by building a new Marine Fish and Coral Farm. With more than 25 years experience in exporting freshwater and marine live stock, we are trusted by our clients worldwide to deliver the best quality goods at competitive prices.


World-Class Customer Service Experience


One to One Personal Approach 

Our sales team is always ready to help get you what you need. Giving you the best service, hearing any complaints and ensuring every customer's problem never left unsolved.



A Dedicated Project Manager

We believe that every order is unique so we have person in charge for every customer.  This service will ensure you that your project is handled with the same person from start until the DOA report received.



Competitive Pricing

A good quality product is our priority in providing the goods but we also understand that pricing needs to be competitive. We work with various airlines to get you the best freight rates and find the shortest or travelling time.


Quality Ensured Product

We have strict quality standard in size and health when receiving the goods from our suppliers.

We then take care of them before going through a rigorous packing system and shipping them to customers all round the world. 

We follow proper quarantine procedures and get the necessary certificates for you.


A Wide Range of Variety

Get whatever you want, wherever you are, we bring excellent quality both marine and freshwater items worldwide.  We specialize in Native Wild-fish such as: Botia Macracantha, Tetras, Rasboras. For marine fish like Blue Star, Mandarine fish, Banded Goby Yellow, Clown fish.  And many more.


Our Environmental Responsibility

We are responsible and considerate to our environment. All fishes are catch in secure ways without chemical which harms the environment. As we are aware the importance of sustainability of our seas. We currently propagate our own corals in Banyuwangi, Bali.