Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to order from Aqua Marindo?

  1. Send us your company details and we will send you our terms and conditions. After the term and conditions have been signed and sent back to us, we will send you our stock list.

  2. Just send your order

  3. We will send you the invoice simulation
  4. Send your payment and notify us
  5. We will book the space on the nearest arrival date adjusted once the payment is received

We must apply the CITES for you before sending our corals, both hard and soft corals. Some countries don’t need CITES for soft corals but we do need it to pass our custom in Jakarta.

  • How to get the corals from Aqua Marindo ?

We accept advance payment 100% by bank transfer

  • How is the payment method ?

The fishes are catched in safe way without chemical

  • How does Aqua Marindo catch the fishes ?

We understand that quality is the most important thing and we guarantee that the goods we send are only the healthiest and best goods. If there is any mortality when arrival, we will compensate them by replacement or credit.

  • How does Aqua Marindo compensate the D.O.A ?